The zebras I saw on my safari in Kenya were the best, so I’ve saved it for (almost) last. It’s what I saw the most. They were everywhere. Lone zebras, pairs of zebras, small groups, huge herds. I got some great shots. Most of them look almost exactly the same, so I’ve just posted the most representative ones. When I watched them, I kept thinking how muscular they look, more than I had imagined. Like stallions. And when I saw them running, they seemed airborne for seconds at a time. Only one more animal post left after this one. In my earlier posts you can see lions, elephants and baboons, and antelopes and giraffes.

 Kenya Zebras 4


Kenya Zebras 8


Kenya Zebras 2


Kenya Zebras 3


Kenya Zebras 7


Kenya Zebras 5


Kenya Zebras 1


Kenya Zebras 6