If you’ve poked around my site a little, you know I’ve always got my eyes peeled in Rome for some good Random English. I post examples I find around town. It’s been awhile (or maybe I’m just getting used to it), but I spotted this pearl of an example on Sunday while shopping at Rome’s American-style mall, Porta di Roma.

This one is particularly good because 1) the English is random (this is a shopping center in the suburbs, trust me, no English speakers in sight); 2) it doesn’t actually have any discernible meaning in English to begin with; and 3) the translation below it exquisitely demonstrates the Italian laziness that I both hate and envy.

Read this, imagining you're an Italian person who doesn't speak English (which is most of them).

Read this, imagining you’re an Italian person who doesn’t speak English (which is most of them). Would you be like, “Oh now I get it.” ??

Note the stunning glasses on the model.