Among some of the more obvious questions I’ve been asked recently was whether I’d like to attend an event for the grand opening of a new Nespresso store in Piazza di Spagna. That would be an enthusiastic, resounding, YES.

You see, my blood type is coffee and Nespresso is the best I’ve tried. What more can I say about a brand that offers espresso in a spectrum of strengths and origins, all in recyclable capsules that I don’t have fill or spill or clean up after. And it is freaking delicious¬†and when I drink it, my brain becomes clear of all insomnia-induced sludge and I am able to get dressed and face the day (sometimes, at 5:00 p.m.).

Also, Piazza di Spagna happens to be my favorite piazza in Rome, for aesthetic and sentimental reasons. It was a beautiful event on a beautiful night in the middle of June in Rome.

That’s it, folks. If you don’t have a Nespresso machine, I strongly urge you to buy one. If you’re in Rome, I also strongly suggest you head to Piazza di Spagna (over by the Keats Shelley House) and check out the store. It’s really convenient and gorgeously designed inside and, most crucially, Nespresso is sold there (both in capsules to take home AND as hot brewed coffee to enjoy sipped or slammed).

Here are some pictures from this really cool event:


Nespresso 2

Nespresso 5

Nespresso 1

Nespresso 2

Nespresso 4

Friends, have you tried Nespresso? What’s your favorite flavor?? I like Roma (big surprise).